An internationally respected thought leader on how to transcend current business conditions and competitors. He is the author of multiple books including the “Wright Exit Strategy” in 1997 that was regarded as leading book on strategy and corporate Exit. Bruce’s work has helped thousands of highly discerning clients to imagine and implement innovation that produces tangible results.

Core Expertise:

  • Exit & Macro Business Planning
  • Capital Relationships
  • Strategic Development
  • Corporate Advisory



Experienced C-level executive successfully structured many corporate transactions. Turn-arounds /reorganization, acquisitions, integrations, and divestitures in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, distribution, mortgage banking & cannabis businesses ranging in size from start-ups to mid-market companies.

Core Expertise:

  • Private Equity
  • Investments
  • M & A
  • Executive Leadership


Founder & CEO, MBA

Founded AllGreen in early 2015 with the intention to serve cannabis companies and investors. Visionary entrepreneur with 18 years-experience in business leadership, branding, strategic development, technology and marketing for various industries. Pioneered a real estate technology such as modern day Zillow. A lifetime cannabis advocate, passionately driven to advance the standardization and professionalism of this industry.

Core Expertise:

  • Cannabis Industry Expert
  • Finance & Business Strategy
  • Content Creation & Development
  • Branding & Marketing Expert


Vice President

Former Long Beach police lieutenant of 29 years overseeing the seaport, airport, transit system and many divisions of the police force. Avid investor, compliance & security expert, serves on multiple charities, organizational leader , master of business development, and relationship management. Face of Long Beach Medical Marijuana Measure in 2016.

Core Expertise:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Business Development
  • Investor Relations
  • Cannabis Expert


Managing Partner

Seasoned real estate and sales professional with over 15 years expertise in financing, investments, wholesale and brokerage. Skilled business developer, salesman and client services account management. Hands on with every client from on-boarding through capitalization working with investors and operators.

Core Expertise:

  • Investments
  • Real Estate
  • Business Development
  • Relationship Management


Business Planning, MBA

An award-winning professional business plan writer with over 800 business plans completed (including 70+ cannabis related) used to raise more than $2.5 Billion in investment. Clients range from small to large sized companies, government initiatives, startups and public companies on various exchanges. Strong knowledge base enables us to launch directly into projects with little direction and deliver quality work.

Core Expertise:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Investor Pitch Decks
  • Interactive Plans & Presentations


Director of Strategic Relations, MBA

Accomplished real estate, finance, healthcare and cannabis executive, advisor and board member. Lynn has worked multiple sectors and industries within the capital markets. Specializing in emerging technologies and industries, experienced business consulting for portfolio companies additional rounds of financing.She has led multiple organizations sales and business development divisions seeking the right strategic alliances for AllGreen.

Core Expertise:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Business Development


Creative Director

Ryan started his professional career in film, where he worked on several documentary features that had in traveling all over the country as both a videographer and editor. After college he eventually took two short films, that he directed and edited, to the Cannes Film Festival. Ultimately his talents in video production led him into the corporate world where he became the Media and Marketing Manager for the renowned brewery, The Lost Abbey. He has worked with multiple cannabis and CBD companies to develop their brands and marketing strategies.

Core Expertise:

  • Brand Identity
  • Project Manager
  • Video Production
  • Graphic Designer


Director of Marketing

Proven social media / digital marketer that has helped some of the largest marketing companies develop strategies and significantly expand their social media and marketing presence. Managed Rockstar Energy’s global social media platforms nearly doubling their following and engagement by utilizing best practices. Focused on understanding human communication as well as brain science in how people remember and process information.

Core Expertise:

  • Marketing & Social Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Organic/Paid Media
  • Placement & Production


Director of Operations

Experienced finance and real estate professional, focused in commercial real estate, private investors and cannabis investments managing investor relationships and deal placement. Extensive background in financing commercial debt / equity structure, underwrite and has successfully funded/closed various construction projects, bridge and investment opportunities.

Core Expertise:

  • Debt / Equity Structuring
  • Production Management
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • International Investors


Production Manager

Runs the day-to-day client facing communications as primary liaison and project manager.  Formerly built and managed a 300M+ real estate financing book of business over the past 6 years. She has worked in all areas of customer experience, sales and business development, managing production teams while improving efficiencies.

Core Expertise:

  • Business Communications
  • Client Experience
  • Production Management
  • Finance & Investments
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